Rosewood Christmas Bazaar (formerly known as Rosewood Handmade Craft Sale) was established in 2012 as an outreach for local families to share their creative skills, and make a difference in the community through their handmade items.

The sale is dedicated to helping families have a better Christmas. Through raffles, and vendor fees, we are able to help several needy families each year have a better Christmas.

Each year Rosewood Christmas Bazaar has been held in different granges in the Willamette Valley, and has come to be known as an elegant Christmas celebration for young and old alike. With a variety of vendors and unique, original creativity, Rosewood Christmas Bazaar is unlike any other Bazaar you've been to. Featuring live music from local musicians, fresh apple cider, and cookies, and thousands of handmade high quality items, this sale is sure to be one you won't want to miss!

A Note From the Founder:

 I started hosting the Rosewood Christmas Bazaar for two reasons. The first was to create an outlet for many of my friends to sell items they make by hand. I would see beautiful handmade items crafted by my friends, and then hear them talk about how hard it was to sell them, or find people interested in them. So, I set out to create a community so to speak of artisan handmade crafters, and give them an audience to appreciate and buy their work. And the second reason, was to create a way to help families in need around Christmastime. I often think about how hard it must be for families that don’t have much to go through the Holidays. A few years ago, I came in contact with some families that were going to be without a home for Christmas, and it was very sad. I realized that if I could create a way to bring them some simple cheer, and a few gifts that it would make a big difference for their family. And even though I may not be able to help all the families in need, I could at least help one.

My family is very involved in the sale and we kind of host it together. My Mom helps with coordinating the vendors, and advertising, and also helps with lunch for the vendors, which is a big blessing. And my Dad and Brother help with setup and arranging of the sale. They do everything from helping the vendors unload, to setting up tables, and placing signs for the sale. Working together, we are able to get most of the details coordinated, but it definitely wouldn’t be possible without the help of many committed friends. 

 I use the sale to support the needs of others because I believe that it is important to help people in need, and share from what we have been given. God has blessed us tremendously, and I feel it is the least we can do to give back to a few families in need. In the past few years, we’ve donated money to families in transition between homes, and have helped them to purchase groceries etc. for the Christmas season. This year, I look forward to helping more families through our new raffle donations, and have a goal to be able to give gifts to 20 families in need.

 The Rosewood Christmas Bazaar is different from other Bazaars doing the Christmas season because it focuses on homemade, unique, artisan, crafts from local creators. The atmosphere of the sale is organic and original with friendly sellers, and a focus on sharing the spirit of Christmas with live music, great food, and wholesome fun. I think what really sets the sale apart from other Bazaars is our focus on helping people. There is a feeling of friendship that is extended to each person at the sale that is just not duplicatable. 

Visitors can expect to experience a unique Christmas Bazaar filled with high-quality original items that reflect the nature of our community. You can expect to experience live music, raffle prizes, kid’s activities, and fresh cider and cookies, and you’ll be sure to find gifts for everyone on your list. The vendors have all put a quantity of time and love into each of their products, and you’ll be sure to see that in their work. That feeling of confidence that you’ve found the right gift for that special friend, and that you’ve helped a local artisan know that their work was not in vain is only possible when you experience the Bazaar for yourself. I look forward to meeting you at the sale.

Ruth Smythe

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